Interesting trivia about Kristin Davis

Kristin Landen Davis was born on February 23, 1965 in Boulder Colorado. She is best remembered for her role as Charlotte York on the TV series Sex and the City. She reprised her role as Charlotte York when Sex and the City were released for the movie audience. She was also credited in the movie Couples Retreat released in 2009. But how well do you know Kristin aside from her Charlotte York character on Sex and the City? Let us discuss interesting trivia about Kristin that might even pull a surprise to her most loyal fans!

 Kristin Davis was an adopted child. Her parents divorced when she was still a baby. Her mother, Dorothy worked as a university data analyst and dated University of Colorado, Boulder professor Keith Davis of the Psychology department. Her mother remarried and Kristin was adopted by her stepdad.

Kristin Davis does not see herself marrying in the near future.  During a recent interview, the actress said she is busy rearing her adopted child to think about marrying.  In addition, her commitments with different causes around the world like Oxfam whom she has been the Ambassador since 2004, an organization that is addressing poverty in third world countries as well as in elephant conservation in Africa plus her livelihood as an actress keep her schedule tight to even think about marrying. 

Kristin Davis blames her alcoholism due to her Southern upbringing.  The actress admitted in one of the interviews with her that she was introduced early to alcohol partly due to her Southern upbringing. In addition, she also admitted that she liked drinking alcohol because it was the only way she could come out of her shell and expressed herself since she is naturally a shy person.  Drinking alcohol, according to her has this liberating experience she could not find when not under the influence of alcohol. She likes drinking just as she like acting.

Kristin Davis is investing her earnings well.  In fact, when Belk the largest privately-owned department store chains in US invited her to become a partner, she did not hesitate to accept the generous offer from the said company. The contract involves introducing her ladies apparel and accessories that made a debut in 2008. In addition, since the owner is based in North Carolina, their common roots in the Southern US made it easier for to arrive at the decision. 

Kristin Davis earned the distinction as the only star from the Sex and City TV series who was invited as a guest on The Seinfeld and Friends TV series.  Among the four actresses that made up the Sex and City TV series, she was the only actress among the four of them to appear on the TV series Friends and Seinfeld. It is a rare feat indeed considering how these two series ruled their time and achieved global fame and financial success for the TV producers as well as for their stars. Kristin Davis was the only actress among the Sex and the City stars not to get an Emmy nomination. Kristin Davis did get not any nomination at the Emmy Awards for her role as Charlotte York in the TV series Sex and the City until the last season. I can only speculate how she felt at that time when her co-stars were noticed for their work in the show for several reasons. It must have been a huge relief for her when her name was mentioned at the very last season of the popular TV series.    Find other great entertainers and entertainment at http://www.TVDoneWright.com/